At NAB today, ARRI announced a ton of new gear, including ARRI Edition memory cards for the AMIRA and ALEXA mini, new cforce mini RF Lens Motor, the ARRISCAN XT, EB MAX ballasts, new Unit Bags, and new Basic and Pro accessory kits for the Sony Venice 6K camera.

Though ARRI hasn't shared any information on pricing and availability, you can still take a look at all of the key features of each piece of equipment below.

ARRI Edition Memory Card


ARRI has partnered with SanDisk to announce an Extreme PRO CFast 2.0 memory card that has been customized and optimized specifically for AMIRA and ALEXA mini cameras. Not only that, but users getting twice the memory as the latest card in the Extreme PRO CFast 2.0 line with 512 GB of disc space, allowing users to record about 50 minutes of 2.8K ARRIRAW, 30 minutes of 3.4K OG ARRIRAW, or over 2 hours of 2K ProRes 4444 XQ at 24 fps.

No word on price, but shipping starts after NAB.

ARRI cforce mini RF Lens Motor


The ARRI cforce mini RF is an "intelligent" lens motor with a lot of little bells and whistles. Features include white-coded radio module integration to improve interference resistance, high-quality outdoor antenna, six additional radio channels (14 channels total) that are compatible with the soon-to-be-released WCU-4 wireless handheld controller. Speaking of the WCU-4, the cforce mini RF can not only provide full lens data for focus mapping and lens data display with the hand unit, but it can also pair with up to three hand units for split focus, iris, and zoom operation.

The LBUS interface allows users to daisy-chain their systems with two additional cforce motors, and the new CAM connector makes the interface for power supply and run/stop control with ARRI and 3rd party cameras more versatile.

No word yet on price or availability.



ARRI is hoping to save countless reels of film that are helplessly deteriorating in hundreds of archives around the world with the ARRISCAN XT. Partnering with film archives and restoration specialists, the company has improved overall image quality and scanning speed (up to 65% faster) with the new ALEXA XT sensor.

Thanks to the Wet Gate system, which uses specially developed liquid, conceals any scratches or dust. Visibility of scratches is also reduced with the diffuse, high-power ARRISCAN XT's LED illumination, which also doesn't produce any important feature considering the fact that nitrate film stock is highly flammable. 

Because ARRISCAN XT is fully compatible with existing ARRISCANs, film restorers will be able to upgrade their equipment on-site.

No word yet on price or availability.

EB MAX Ballasts


To complete its electronic ballast range, ARRI has announced three new versions of the EB MAX ballast, accommodating power classes from 575 up to 18,000 W.

  • EB MAX 2.5/4: 2500 W and 4000 W lamps
  • EB MAX 6/9: 6000 W and 9000 W lamps
  • EB MAX 12/18: 12,000 W and 18,000 W lamps

The EB MAX Range also accommodates high-speed frequencies at 1000 Hz and 300 Hz for those working with high frame-rates. Other features include extended DMX protocol, which gives users the ability to change operation type and frequency remotely and multiple modes for high-speed operation: AutoScan, Man, or AutoMan. AutoScan is fully automatic and ensures optimum light and image quality for high-speed recordings up to 1000 fps.

No word yet on price or availability.

Unit Bags II


ARRI has updated its popular equipment bags. The Unit Bag II has a fully padded interior with reinforced edges, is covered in durable waterproof fabric. The included dividers in the main compartment are detachable, allowing users to customize the bag as needed. There are plenty of little compartments pouches, and attachments in/on this thing, including three exterior pouches, net pockets, fabric pocket on the back of the bag, fabric loops ont he front of the bag, and five removable accessory pouches on the underside of the lid. Aside from the two-piece handles and cloth hand-grip, the Unit Bag II's two shoulder straps allow users to carry it like a backpack.

The Unit Bag II comes in three sizes. The large and medium versions have a detachable zipped document bag and the small bag has an elastic drawstring and cord lock on the top of the lid.

Sony Venice Accessory Kit


ARRI has rolled out an accessory kit for the new Sony Venice full-frame 6K camera. Basic kits include a Plate, a Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-5, Support Rods, and a Quick Release Plate QRP-1. Pro sets come with an additional Top Plate, a Camera Center handle CCH-4, and a Rod Mounting Bracket RMB-3.

No word yet on price or availability.

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