RØDE and Soundfield released their first collaboration at NAB—the NT-SF1 ambisonic mic—which uses a tetrahedral array of mics to capture the entire set of audio information around the microphones. We got a chance to take a look at one of the new offerings on the showroom floor with RØDE's Ryan Burke, and you can, too, in the video above.

Burke let us know that, contrary to what you might guess, the mic is designed for much more than just VR production. In fact, according to Burke, it's for "any kind of surround audio production or any audio that you want to be able to reshape in post-production." RØDE is coming out with a free plugin later this year that should enable you to manipulate the ambisonic audio captured with these mics in popular existing audio editors like ProTools and Audition.

In the video, Burke demonstrates just how easy your full ambisonic video recording setup is, and everything you need to get started comes with the mic for $999.

For more information, head over to RØDE.

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