Wooden Camera today announced its first line of products for Sony's 6K full-frame VENICE. Currently in stock on the company's site are a top plate, a new solid baseplate that features two ARRI-standard rosettes, a unified baseplate, the super lightweight AIR EVF mount, an AIR EVF extension, and an audio adapter called A-Box, which is designed to fit flush with the shape of VENICE and which adapts the single 5 pin XLR on the side of the camera body to two standard 3 pin XLRs (female), which pass through phantom power to attached microphones.

Shipping in late April, but still available on the Wooden Camera site for pre-order are items like the D-Box, a VENICE-specific version of one of Wooden Camera's most popular accessories. The D-Box can be attached to VENICE in at least two different configurations and adds power distribution, standardized remote start/stop, as well as hot-swap capability for the camera. 

VENICE—with its brand new full-frame 36x24mm sensor, swappable PL and E lens mounts, and internal eight stage ND filter—is a top-of-the-line camera, to be sure. With its relatively sleek profile and light weight for a cine camera at this price point and output capability, augmented with innovative, high-quality, and modular accessories such as Wooden Camera's, VENICE becomes all the more attractive as a purchase, giving it the potential to reach new levels of market share and reach.

The full Sony Venice Pro Accessory Kit for Gold Mount or V-mount will run you $3,718.00, with individual components running between $125 and $1,195.00