If you've seen a few independent films that have come out of the festival circuit from the past year or two, odds are you've seen the work of Sam Daley, Nat Jencks, or Seth Ricart. They are three talented colorists who have graded films like The Florida Project, City of Ghosts, and Beach Rats. They sat down with No Film School at this past Sundance Film Festival where they premiered their color work on some of the edgiest, loveliest, and grittiest films we've seen this year! How do they work? What is the real life of an indie film colorist? How can you get your film to look like that? Listen to this conversation to find out! 

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These are the brilliant post-production artists who participated in our roundtable:

Check out just a few clips some of the gorgeous and diverse films that Sam, Seth and Nat recently colored:

Sam Daley:


Sorry to Bother You

Seth Ricart:

We the Animals

City of Ghosts

Nat Jencks:


Beach Rats

Thank you, roundtable!

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This episode was edited by Jon Fusco.