The difference between a film that has some good moments and a full-fledged, unhindered story hinges on how it's treated in post-production. That success starts with the delicate navigation of the editor. At Sundance 2018, a handful of talented post-production artists who worked on some of the most cutting-edge indie films of 2018 sat down with us to discuss how they work to make brilliant, award-winning films. In Part 1 of this podcast, we focus on the role of the editor, their process of working with directors, and how they articulate the nuanced philosophy behind their craft.

It was amazing to have such a big group of talent at the NFS house this past Sundance, whose combined IMDB credits and resumes equal nearly a thousand brilliant independent films. These are post-production artists who participated in our roundtable:

Nfs_sundance_post_production_0Our talented roundtable group sitting down to talk all things post-production.Credit: Hugo Faraco

Here is a list of the films and their editorial strategies that are discussed on this episode:

The first documentary to ever premiere in the NEXT category at Sundance, 306 Hollywood is a magical realist documentary about two siblings recreating the life of their deceased grandmother by animating her belongings, edited by Nyneve Laura Minnear over a period of several years.

Patrick Lawrence discussed his work on Clara's Ghost, where Bridey Elliott casts her fairly famous family members in this humorous-yet-terrifying family gathering where a ghost wreaks havoc on an inebriated dinner.

Claras_ghost_bts_don_stahl80Here is a behind-the-scenes shot of production on 'Clara's Ghost' directed by Bridey Elliott.Credit: Donald Stahl

Production versus Post-Production on Clara's Ghost.

Claras_ghost_editor_bts_patrickHere is a behind-the-scenes look at Patrick Lawrence's editing set up on 'Clara's Ghost.'Credit: Patrick Lawrence

And Keiko Deguchi explained the myriad of strategies employed on the post-production of the volatile, dream-like story of We the Animals.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this Post-Production discussion, focused on coloring and finishing.

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This episode was edited by Jon Fusco.