It's a situation we've all been through, working on a beauty spot with elaborate, colorful lighting. And then....wait a minute....the talent comes to set and the makeup looks "off" while under the saturated lighting. Traditionally, most makeup mirrors are fluorescent light units, which, while cost effective and power efficient, aren't always color accurate. This can lead the makeup team making choices that aren't a good match for the actual lighting of the final scene. 

Hive Lighting, known for its popular Wasp LED and Hornet Plasma lights, have come up with an innovative solution: full RGB controllable makeup mirror lighting. By integrating their highly customizable light control into the mirror unit, cinematographers and makeup artists can collaborate more effectively to create dynamic, stylized looks faster than ever. Once the makeup department approves the look in the mirror, last looks on a set with matched lighting will go faster making, essentially providing a more pleasant workflow. 

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