Sigma is now shipping five of the nine Art prime lenses for the Sony E-Mount camera systems it announced back in February. The 20mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm are the first off the assembly line for video and still shooters with the 14mm, 70mm MACRO, 105mm, and 135mm in the waiting. 

The first five all share a fast F1.4 aperture offering the same optical design as other Art models. So if you happen to mix Sigma glass on Canon and Sony cameras, at least from a lens standpoint, the look will be familiar. The company also said the lenses "feature a newly developed control algorithm that optimizes the autofocus drive and maximizes the data transmission speed." Meaning, Sigma looked to match the autofocus performance of Sony's lenses.

Additionally, the Art primes are compatible with Sony's Continuous AF (AF-C) and high-speed autofocus which was not part of the Sigma Mount Converter. In-camera image stabilization and in-camera lens aberration correction is also part of the lens functionality. 

The native Sony E-mount offers improved stability when compared to an adapted Art lens. The brass bayonet mount provides a quick, durable fit and the connection has a dust- and splash-proof design. If you already own Sigma lenses and want to convert them to Sony E-Mount, they offer a program for the switch. You can contact your local dealer here. Pricing for the lenses is as follows: 

Art Sony E-mount Specs:

  • Lens Construction: 15 elements in 11 groups
  • 9 Rounded Diaphragm Blades
  • Full Frame, APS-C Compatible
  • Edge to Edge Performance
  • Autofocus Friendly