Trying to do multiple things well is tough. Making anything well requires a ton of focus, and that's why a number of companies tend to have one thing it excels at (especially smaller companies in niches like the film industry) rather than several.

That's why when popular lighting brand Aputure expanded into microphones, we were surprised, especially since reports had been so positive.  Yes, both lights and microphones are used on set, but sound is its own wildly different universe, dominated by sound-specializing companies. That Aputure has not only done it, but also continues its rapid release cycle with almost yearly updates, is very impressive and the result of having a TV/film location sound mixer as part of the founding team to provide expertise and feedback. 

The company has already revised its marquee product, the shotgun microphone that came out last January, with the new S-mic 2, announced at NAB and currently shipping.

Boom_carryCredit: Deity

YouTuber Curtis Judd has received some hands-on time with the S-Mic 2 and his review is well worth checking out below. If you're not familiar with Mr. Judd's work, he does some amazingly in-depth reviews of audio gear and breaks down the precise things you should be listening for as you evaluate audio equipment.

The microphone ships with a foam windscreen, a mic clip, and a waterproof, shockproof case. The body is 100% solid brass, and has a gold plated PCB board and a moisture sealed capsule.  Featuring the super-cardioid pickup pattern typical of boom microphones, it offers a viable competitive option at an aggressive price point for filmmakers looking to add regular boom use to their projects. 

The unit will also be available in a location kit with a Rycote pistol grip and a faux firm windjammer. Check out the Deity Site for more info and go here to buy one.

Tech Specs:

  • Polar Pattern Super Cardioid
  • Maximum SPL  130dB SPL(@1KHZ,1% THD into 1K )
  • Frequency Range  50Hz~20kHz
  • THD  ≤0.5%
  • Nominal Impedance 75Ω
  • Min. Terminating Impedance  800Ω
  • Sensitivity  -32±2dB re 1V/Pa @1kHz
  • Equivalent noise level  12 dB(A) re. 24dB (CCIR 268-3)
  • Input Voltage 24V or 48V phantom power
  • Current consumption  1.5Ma
  • Temperature range  -10°C to +70°C
  • Dimensions   ⌀19 x 250mm
  • Output XLR-3M
  • Microphone Weight 198g
  • Packaging 38 x 9.3 x 21.8 (CM)
  • Packaging Weight 3.47/lb