July 25, 2018
Call For Entries

Outdoorsy Types Will Dig This Contest from Adventure Film Festival and Outside TV

This prize package nets you $3,500 in adventure goods and a premiere at a big festival.

Outside TV and Adventure Film Festival have partnered on a cool contest for their Campfire platform that will send one deserving winner to the Adventure Film Festival in Boulder, Colorado.

To enter the contest you first must register and create a Campfire channel on Outside TV. Campfire is a video hub that lets you share your extreme adventure stories online with other adventure video makers. All you have to do after that is add your video to the channel for the Adventure Filmmakers Challenge.

To win the contest you, have to share your channel on social media sites and ask your friends to watch your videos. The more views you get, the higher your videos will rank (helping you get noticed by the judges). The submissions will be reviewed by a panel of industry experts on a consistent basis with the following criteria: entertainment quality and points earned.

From Outside TV:

“We are looking for raw, gritty, creative, visceral, inspiring, poignant short films from all aspects of Adventure, from conservation-oriented documentaries, to extreme sports and exploratory productions, to urban and social perspectives. 

We select the most inspirational films that cover risks both mighty and absurd, tap the fringes of the unknown, and portray those experiences that bring us to the edges of our seats with our hands over our eyes or our fists in the air. Adventure Film Festival was rooted in the concept of ‘Making your own Legends,’ thus empowering each of us to create positive change in our world.”

The Grand Prize winners will be featured on Outside TV & OutsideTV.com and will score two VIP tickets with a round-trip flight and three-night stay at The Adventure Lodge for their video’s premiere at the 2018 Adventure Film Festival. They will also receive a massive outdoor person’s dream prize package including:

  • Zeal Optics Ellume Polarized Sunglasses
  • La Sportiva Synthesis GTX boots and apparel 
  • Rainbow Sandals and apparel
  • American Alpine Club one year membership and gear
  • All Good full product Kit
  • Meridian Line Apparel Package
  • Hydroflask Hydration gift Pack
  • 90 Day Subscription to Outside TV Features
  • Outside TV Tee 

Altogether, the package equals about $3,410.00 worth of goods. Submissions are currently open through September 4th to residents of the United States.     

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Starting to see this more and more for business. HEB (large Grocery chain) has a contest every year, they give 2k First prize ...but get hundreds of entries, thousands and thousands of clicks and usually quite a few good marketing ideas... cheap to put on and administer and lets face it ... 2k will only buy a few hours of an Ad exes time ..and they already have a market focus group with each idea..(number of clicks and the comments) ............ it's a new world out there!!

July 25, 2018 at 10:16AM


F these guys.
Here's how this came about.
"Our content is getting thin, we need more budget to license rad videos."
"So... what if we take a 1/10th of our licensing budget, and use it for a contest prize, and just get people to send in free videos to win the contest?"
"Better yet, I'll partner us with brands that will gives us stuff for the prizes."
"So... we don't pay anything, our channel gets flooded with organic content, and we all take home bonuses from what used to be our licensing budget?"

F these guys.

July 25, 2018 at 3:25PM


See Ben...there is the challenge ... how to you carve out a piece for yourself... business / industry moves and changes... you have to adapt

July 26, 2018 at 6:53AM


Or we and our collective content-creating culture quarantines this mindset/efforts and leaves them behind and supports efforts that offer career/industry sustaining models.

The biggest problem (or very smart move on their part) is to bypass the professionals and go to the amateur, semi-professional creatives who don't care about making a buck, don't have the confidence that their creations are good enough to get a buck, or are understandably desperate to have a presence somewhere and will forego a buck for exposure bucks.

I've had content on the Outdoor Channel before, and we got licensing money for it. It sucks to see this shift.

July 26, 2018 at 8:52AM