Panasonic cinema camera users received a cool gift today with the announcement of the LUT Library, a free source for filmmakers to create looks for the VariCam and EVA1. The company teamed up with Local 600 DITs to produce 35 different 3D LUTs including display conversion LUTs and artistic LUTs. 

Mitch Gross, Panasonic Cinema Product Manager, says “The VariCam LUT Library is a great communication tool. An enormous variety of looks are possible, and it’s far easier for a producer or director to understand and appreciate the look the cinematographer is trying to achieve by seeing it right on the screen. Having a LUT on set also allows the cinematographer to light and expose precisely to the look he or she is trying to capture. Finally, with the matching LUT available for post, the colorist knows what the cinematographer was working toward.”

The LUT Library comes in three formats: .VLT for loading into VariCam cameras, E-E.CUBE for color grading, and E-L.CUBE for monitoring on a LUT box. Be sure to use the correct format for your workflow or an incorrect image might be displayed. Since the EVA1 can record in a matching V-Log/V-Gamut format, the LUT Library can be applied to EVA1 footage during the color grade (or on set with a LUT box). 

Loading a 3D LUT into the VariCam cinema camera is a simple eight-step process. Once you've downloaded the .VLT file onto the root directory of an SD card and inserted the SD card into the camera, you should press the Color button to start the process. Use this step-by-step guide if you need assistance. Keep in mind it's best to never "bake in" a LUT to the master recording as it can restrict your ability to adjust in post. 

You can download the free LUT files here. Happy coloring!