The sixth film in a franchise 30 years running, Shane Black's The Predator represents a distinct director/screenwriter's voice taking over a known property. Filled with Black's notable humor, The Predator is part military action film—like previous installments, outcast soldiers are shone the heroic spotlight—part horror film—the kills are a'plenty—and part raunchy comedy—one joke about oral sex said in a hotel room while a woman attempts to escape may be viewed as slightly questionable. 

Lighter in tone than some of its predecessors, the film has several inspired sequences, many involving humongous alien canines that resemble their Predator owners (perhaps we can label them as Preta-Dogs?). They're large, ferocious, and surprisingly obedient when it comes to playing fetch at a human's command.

Other fun moments include young actor Jacob Tremblay (playing the son of a marine who ships some Preta-gear back to the States after encountering one on a jungle mission) as he spends Halloween walking through his suburban neighborhood "blowing shit up" around anyone who dares threaten him. And for sheer emotional sincerity? A double suicide late in the film is unexpectedly effective. 

There are also variations on several lines from the original 1987 film (the Arnold Schwarzenegger-starrer and its sequel are referenced in passing here) that provide a chuckle, and Sterling K. Brown plays a character so unapologetically slimy that you can't help but laugh every time he quips a one-liner. That's no slight on the actor: his every line-reading is a film highlight. 

To see how this $88 million-budgeted film came together, we're sharing a behind-the-scenes reel from the film's production. Check it out below. 

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