Writing a good screenplay requires the screenwriter to be comfortable with their equipment. That's why most choose Final Draft. Long the industry standard for screenwriting software, the incomparable Final Draft is as closely associated with the screenwriting industry as are the words "INT." and "EXT.". The software is used for 95% of all productions.

Never one to rest on its laurels, however, the company has announced its latest edition, Final Draft 11, which is designed to even further help writers keep one eye on storytelling and the other on the impending production itself. The company realizes that the closer your screenplay is to "production ready," the more success it will achieve, and Final Draft 11's new features are designed to turn your idea into the most professional presentation possible.


Final Draft Tagger

Final Draft has integrated advanced tagging capabilities into the main program to give you enhanced tracking and reporting on your script as you draw up budgets and schedules. With Tags Mode, you can track customizable story elements and character traits as you break down your scripts, tag costumes, props, locations, and more. This addition not only makes creating budgets and scheduling a more painless process but it also makes it easier to collaborate and prepare for production with your team by putting much of the necessary information and assets in one place.

Revamped Beat Board

Perhaps one of the most important areas in which a screenwriter must be organized is inside their own minds, and Final Draft's highly visual and customizable Beat Board offers plenty of features that will help them get there. Now, you can insert images to allow collaborators, including directors, cinematographers, and production designers, to visualize ideas. Not only that, but Final Draft has baked in lots of customizable features that let you stylize text, color code each beat, and drag-and-drop assets between scripts and the Beat Board without sacrificing formatting, all to provide a convenient space to collaborate, organize, and communicate with your team in real-time.

Story Map

Final Draft has brought integration to the brainstorming process and the writing process with the all-new Story Map. Appearing like a timeline at the top of your screen, Story Map lets you organize beats and structure points from the Beat Board, easily view Beat Board content while writing, visually plan milestones and plot points, and navigate your script and Beat Board easier. Essentially, Final Draft gives you both the forest and the trees all on one screen: the Story Map gives you a wide view of your entire story so you can find problem areas and the Beat Board gives you the ability to add, organize, and refine the finite details.

For a limited time, you can buy Final Draft 11 at the special release price of $169.99, which is 30% off its original $249.99 price tag. However, if you already have a previous version of Final Draft, upgrading will only cost you $79.99.

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Source: Final Draft