Along with Thanksgiving and National Coming Out Day (which is in just three days!), National Pizza Day is one of my favorite holidays. So when I came across this little filmmaking hack, you can imagine my frustration knowing that we're four months too early for publishing the perfect pizza/filmmaking combo post. But guess what, I'm gonna do it anyway because it's cool. And easy. And free if you've got a pizza cutter. So, here you go! The team over at COOPH shows you how to turn a regular ol' pizza cutter into a DIY dolly for your smartphone filmmaking needs. Check it out below:

I wholeheartedly believe in the aphorism, "If it looks stupid but works, then it ain't stupid." This thing looks totally stupid, but it looks like it works pretty well. Is it ideal? I mean, no. I've cut enough pizzas in my life to know how friggin' unwieldy pizza cutters can be—trying with all your might to slice a perfect acute angle but ending up with an irregularly polygonal trash pizza instead. Dumb.

However, if you don't have the money to invest in some smartphone filmmaking gear or just want to get a quick dolly shot on the fly, then this hack might be worth a try. Grab some rubber bands, a pizza cutter, and slice away. Just, you know, watch your fingies—and surfaces.

Source: COOPH