It's no secret that Martin Scorsese, a fellow Queens-bred New Yorker, is fond of the borough he grew up in. With that admiration has come several cinematic moments of seeing Queens "landmarks" projected onto the big screen, most famously via the since recently closed (due to fire) Goodfellas Diner in Maspeth, a diner that changed to its current name due to fans of Scorsese's Goodfellas consistently coming in to visit the booth where Ray Liotta and Robert De Niro had their infamous lunch meeting in the 1990 film. 

Now comes the unfortunate news of another prominent Queens diner's closure, one that was featured in Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street just five years ago and is set to close its doors for good this Friday, November 25th. As first reported by QNS, the Shalimar Diner, in continuous operation since 1974 (the year of release for Scorsese's Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore), is saying goodbye to the neighborhood due to rising rent prices.

The Karayiannis family opened the restaurant after arriving in the area from Greece and subsequently opened up two other New York eateries, one on Queens Boulevard and one in Manhasset.

Below is the scene (featured in the first two minutes of the accompanying video) in which the Shalimar Diner is featured in The Wolf of Wall Street, a crucial exchange given its serving as a meeting place for the two lead characters. Is it fate that brought them to the Shalimar (in the film labeled the Kacandes Diner)?  If it is, it turns out to be a dark one indeed. 

The Shalimar Diner is located at 63-68 Austin Street in Forest Hills, New York if you would like to visit before it closes this weekend. 

And for some extra kicks, here's amateur video footage of the scene at the Shalimar Diner being shot.

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