With the dearth of special features gracing home video these days, the behind-the-scenes footage and director commentaries and scene breakdowns are becoming a rare commodity. If you want to see a director break down one of your favorite moments from one of your favorite films, your best bet to discovering that is now via the internet. 

So it goes with the latest addition from Vanity Fair, its Notes on a Scene series this time presenting director Fede Alvarez (Don't Breathe, Evil Dead) discussing a scene from his upcoming addition to the Millenium film franchise, The Girl in the Spider's Web. Check it out below.

Reviewing a scene from the film in which the "bad guys" introduce themselves to Lisbeth Salander via a home invasion, Alvarez takes a sharpie and, like a professor writing on a whiteboard, makes notes upon the screen, showing where the cameras are placed for an explosion, where the squibs are located for a certain gunshot, and how the best thing to do with a set after you've finished your scene is to blow it all to smithereens. Along the way, Alvarez discusses the importance of the tattoos on Salander's body, as well as the importance of including "real" gunshots in your movie, the shot's bright light realistically reflecting off its surroundings.

It's a good watch and one you can definitey check out before or after seeing the movie (in theaters this weekend). What do you think of Alvarez's approach? Let us know in the comments below.