Busy Shopping for the Holidays? Save on an Artist's Rendering of Famous Auteurs

Perfect for the family that gathers around the television to watch 'Blue Velvet' around Christmas.

With the holiday season in full swing, it can be difficult to shop for your favorite cinephile friend or family member.

While Blu-rays and DVDs may have been a reliable "go-to" in the past, the current age of digital media has rendered hard media two steps away from being purely obsolete. What do you buy someone? A David Lynch coffee mug?

Well actually, that may not be such a terrible idea. Now through 3am EST, independent artist Mila Matveeva is offering up to 25% off her original artwork, which includes a number of film titans on various forms of home appliances and knick-knacks. Care for a Steven Soderbergh window curtain? A tank top of a Soderbergh tweet? A Lynchian "eye on the donut" wall clock? A Lynchian laptop sleeve?

If any of these seem up your alley, head on over to Matveeva's personal collection (hosted by society6) today to save on each of these items (and a rather creative, elaborate selection of others). Also, for additional items, head to the artist's own personal site here where you can find many original prints that feature other filmmakers such as Iranian auteur Abbas Kiarostami and a "Girls on Film' zine that serves as a "A graphic investigation and personal curation of fictional female characters illustrated via freeze frames from some of the artist's favorite films and TV shows."

While Lynch and Soderbergh continue to be main inspiration and draw here, there's no telling what other independent auteurs will wind up on the artist's page in the future. For now, however, we can rest assured knowing that mom will rest comfortably under her personally-gifted David Lynch bedsheets.      

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