Pun intended.

After catching a pair of porch thieves in the act via his Nest cam, Rober learned the police wouldn't pursue the case. He decided to take the matter into his own hands and get back at those who would steal his property.


Inspired by the master of elaborate traps himself, Kevin McAllister, Rober built a complex fake package fitted with four phone cameras, GPS tracking, a glitter bomb, and a can of fart spray that gives thieves a light spritz of intense stink every few seconds.

The package was vacuum-sealed but had a secret charging port on the bottom, so Rober could keep the system's batteries full even if it sat all day on his porch.


After six months of developing and building, all he had to do was leave the package out at various locations. And wait.

His invention worked perfectly, capturing the amazing moments unsuspecting thieves got their colorful glitter surprises. Their reactions (usually a mixture of disbelief, amusement, and anger) are priceless.


Even though Rober is not a traditional filmmaker, he's managed to create captivating content here. This video has a narrative, even down to three-act structure. He's a victim (act I), but he builds an ingenious tool to catch thieves (act II), and we see the amazing payoff in the finale (act III) with several culprits caught on camera covered in glitter. That's why this viral video is so impactful. There are protagonists to root for and antagonists we hope to see foiled.

Even if you don't have the engineering know-how to create such an elaborate prank, knowing the basics of story and what makes content relatable can help you create videos that have just as much emotional impact.

Watch the glorious video in its entirety below and let us know what you think of Rober's payback.