For all legal and ethical purposes, let’s start by saying that we do not approve of those nor think that it is a good idea. It’s also just kind of dumb, in our opinion anyway. But here we are. According to reports sussed out by DIY Photography and Petapixel, artists in China have been creating stickers to help Fujifilm fans turn their old X100V cameras into the new X100VI versions.

And while we perhaps get the desire to actually own the new stunningly viral and compact Fujifilm X100VI (which we’ve been excited about for some time), this is a bit beyond the pale. Plus, besides being illegal, it’s also just kind of dumb.

Let’s take a look at this wild and weird story and see what’s really driving this need to doctor your cameras, presumably for internet clout.

The Fujifilm X100VI Camera

First off, as we said before, we get the love for the Fujifilm X100VI. It is a great camera that is getting great reviews and by all accounts, it’s been selling quite well here at launch.

Featuring a 40MP sensor, 6.2K video recording, improved AF plus, for the first time in an X100 body, and in-body image stabilization (IBIS), the Fujifilm X100VI certainly provides all of the high-performance imaging combined with a cool melding of retro aesthetics that hybrid shooters these days want.

That being said, it’s also just a camera, you know. There are dozens, if not hundreds of great cameras on the market today by big-name legacy brands like Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, Fujifilm, etc… that all have tons of users and fans. And they’re not that expensive these days either.

Photo found on Weibo


Fujifilm X100VI Stickers

Which is why this sticker news is so baffling in a way. Yet here we are as, according to reports, users on the social media platform Weibo have shown that users are placing stickers on their X100V models to make them look like the new X100VI version. And, you know, posting about it online!

What’s more, is that these users are also working to doctor the serial numbers of their cameras. Found on the hot shoe, there’s photo evidence of these Fujifilm forging serial numbers to indicate that the camera is an X100VI model as well.

And while both cameras are indeed remarkably similar (as is the case with many cameras these days version-to-version), other small details like the “DRIVE” button and Bluetooth logo are also being slightly changed.

Photo found on Weibo


Is There Any Point to This?

While you should obviously always be wary of any second-hand and online third-party purchases of cameras these days, it doesn’t really appear like these forgeries are being done for market reselling deception. Instead, it appears to be some sort of fandom for hobbyists.

That being said, it’s still quite bizarre and counter-intuitive. It is especially considering that the Fujifilm X100VI only costs around $200 more than the previous X100V version. This means it’s very likely that these stickers and serial number tricks aren’t even netting you much savings overall.

If there is one takeaway though, it’s that Fujifilms are quite crazy about this new camera. Which, by the way, you can buy easily and legally from links like the one below.