No cameraman wants a shaky, disorienting shot when panning from left-to-right (unless that's the intended effect they're going for); they want to keep their camera movements smooth, clean, and appearing effortless.

Specializing in "camera tripods, monopods, and photography accessories," Manfrotto is currently at NAB 2018 promoting its Nitrotech N12, the latest (and final) addition to the company's Nitrotech collection. Thanks to its unique counterbalance system, the Nitrotech N12 allows you to keep things level. There's no need to slide the camera onto the quick release plate, as everything is attached from the top of the head and the equipment comes complete with an illuminated leveling bubble. Adjusting a setup? Just adjust the counterbalance on the N12 and everything will remain in place.

The head of the Nitrotech N12 is priced at $599.99.

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