Westcott has just revealed two new products that, with their powers combined, create a powerhouse of a light. Introducing Wescott's new LED RGB light panel and Flex Cine DMX Dimmer. The new flicker-free LEDs come in two sizes, 1x1 and 1x2, with an impressive 95-98 CRI rating and 96-97 TLCI rating, respectively. Now attached to the new Flex Cine DMX Dimmer, this Mat provides full RGB control via DMX. 

This dimmer greatly improves on its predecessors. In the past, each Mat had its own dimmer, a 1x1 Flex Daylight had a dimmer specifically for that light. The new and improved DMX Dimmer allows compatibility with all Flex Mats regardless of size or type. A V-Lock 26-volt battery makes this dimmer completely mobile for tough shooting conditions where you don't have AC power accessibility. And with the Cine Dimmers new smart sensing technology, each mat, no matter if it's the new RGB mat, the daylight or the bicolor mat, when plugged into the dimmer, interprets the type of mat and power limits for the fixture. 

The price point for the Cine DMX Dimmer is estimated around $650 and will be firmware updatable. 

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