Rumors of a Quentin Tarantino helmed Star Trek movie have been in circulation for some time now,  and the observer is reporting that new leadership at Paramount may be looking to "fast track" Tarantino's Trek project. 

We know very little about the project, just that QT pitched it to producer JJ Abrams, as well as paramount's higher-ups, all of whom were enthusiastically onboard. 

What I recall is that I once heard Tarantino on a podcast discussing future ideas and he was asked what he'd do if he was handed a Star Wars feature and he took a long pause. 

Then he said he wasn't too interested in adding to that universe.... but Star Trek, on the other hand, grabbed him. 

He went on to describe specific episodes he'd do a deeper dive and iterate on, as well as how he enjoys William Shatner's style of performance and it all just leaves me thinking that if this new Tarantino Star Trek doesn't star William Shatner I'm going to be very disappointed.

It's strange to imagine a filmmaker known for forging his own path telling stories within a major "IP", but it seems like this has been something in the back of Tarantino's mind for a while. 

We'll stay tuned to see.

Source: The Observer