African-American actors have long been cast in horror movies, that is, with the sole purpose of being killed off in the first reel. The history of black actors and actresses within the genre has proven a rather complicated one, with George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead and William Crain's Blacula standing out as two early examples of progressive horror. But there is much more to uncover. 

In an original production presented by Shudder (the online streaming service for all things horror flick-related), Horror Noire is a documentary that will seek to reflect on and reexamine the history of African-Americans' appearances in horror films. Both academic and pure entertainment, Horror Noire features a number of prominent "talking heads" discussing the frustrating, fulfilling, and ultimately groundbreaking depictions of black men and women within the genre.

Jordan Peele, the Academy-Award winning screenwriter of Get Out (and of the upcoming black-led cast production of Us) and a filmmaker very much interested in the depicture of race on screen, is also featured in the documentary. 

Horror Noire will premiere exclusively on Shudder on February 7th, 2019. To check out the trailer, scroll down below.

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