As film sites continue to wrap up their end of year coverage, Short of the Week has put up a list of a few of their "not necessarily 'the best' or even 'favorites' from 2018. Instead, they insist that these are the films that lodged themselves deepest into the curators' brains. 

If you're not familiar with the online curation site and are looking for outlets to submit your films, it's time to get familiar. The site continues to grow in popularity, once again setting a record for traffic in 2018, with viewers spending 26 million minutes on the site this year. That's a lot of eyeballs.

The company featured 280 films over the year, passed 10,000 subscribers on its YouTube channel (where it features accepted shorts), and also had a record year in terms of submissions to the site, with a 9% increase from 2017. 

Check out the picks below.

Mixtape Marauders - Directed by Peter Edlund

A nine-song visual mixtape following two young stoners into a world of mindless day jobs, petty drug deals, and loud ass music. Selected by Ivan Kander.

Mixtape Marauders from Visual Pollution on Vimeo.

Ugly - Directed by Nikita Diakur 

The 2017 Grand Prize Winner at Ottawa, a formally groundbreaking animated short. An ugly cat struggles to coexist in a fragmented and broken world, eventually finding a soulmate in a mystical chief. Selected by Alex Dudok de Wit.

Ugly from nikita diakur on Vimeo.

My Dead Dad's Porno Tapes - Directed by Charlie Tyrell

Filmmaker Charlie Tyrell seeks to better understand his emotionally distant late-father through the personal belongings he left behind... including a stack of VHS dirty movies. Selected by Georg Csarmann.

My Dead Dad's Porno Tapes from Charlie Tyrell on Vimeo.

Pépé Le Morsé - Directed by Lucréce Andreae

On a windy and cloudy beach, Granny is praying, Mum is shouting, the sisters don’t care, Lucas is alone. Grandpa was a weird guy, now he’s dead. Selected by Serafima Serafimova.

PÉPÉ LE MORSE / GRANDPA WALRUS - Film from Caïmans Productions on Vimeo.

Fauve - Directed by Jérémy Comte

Set in a surface mine, this Special Jury Prize winner from Sundance 2018, follows two boys as they sink into a seemingly innocent power game with Mother Nature as the sole observer. Selected by Céline Roustan.

FAUVE from Jeremy Comte on Vimeo.

Greener Grass - Created by Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe; Directed by Paul Briganti

In this dark comedy of manners set in a surreal world, meticulously-coiffed soccer moms Jill and Lisa vie for perfect children, perfect husbands, and most importantly, perfect teeth. Selected by Jason Sondhi.

Greener Grass from Gulp Splash on Vimeo.

Craig's Pathetic Freak Out - Directed by Graham Parkes

After smoking some weed with a friend, Craig starts to worry that he might be trapped in a movie. Selected by Rob Munday.

Craig's Pathetic Freakout from Graham Parkes on Vimeo.

Demon - Directed by Caleb Slain

A wounded stranger finds a secret on his rescuer's property. A film shot entirely via the light of the full moon. Selected by Chelsea Lupkin.

DEMON — A Horror by Moonlight from Caleb Slain on Vimeo.

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Source: Short of the Week