Some Star Wars Episode 9 Promo Art Leaked... Or Did It?

Some Star Wars Episode 9 Promo Art Leaked
The final chapter of the sequel trilogy approaches, is this our first look?

There is a strong chance you caught wind of, and perhaps even glimpsed, this low res image that looks like it could very well be a fan-made promo for Star Wars Episode 9. 

Some Star Wars Episode 9 Promo Art Leaked
According to we got this covered this is actual artwork for the movie. It's a promo poster, which means it's not the one sheet and as other outlets have suggested, it may be part of the packaging for toys etc. Hypebeast covered it, along with Inverse, among others.

Ok, so if it's real then let's draw conclusions about the movie.

There will be red stormtroopers. There will be those "knights of ren" guys that we've glimpsed in one of the earlier movies in this trilogy. Hmmm wait... there is something that maybe suggests that this is not legit... let's zoom in here: 

Some Star Wars Episode 9 Promo Art Leaked 3p0

Okay sorry for the super low-res zoom, but that looks like C-3P0 wearing Chewbacca's gear and holding his Bowcaster (yes that's what that thing is called.) That feels... weird.

I don't know. I'd be pretty surprised if the next movie in Disney's super valuable franchise, as they try and bounce back from a somewhat rough stand-alone effort in Solo, features an armed to the teeth blaster wielding C-3P0. 

Also, how does Disney let something like this leak? It seems very unlike them. 

I'm skeptical. What do you think?


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Can we keep the spoiler-speculation articles to other sites? I come here from education and industry insight- the FanService articles really belong on other sites, but I get it if you're trying to get more clicks.

March 28, 2019 at 7:27AM

Sketkh Williams

Mr. Williams, I give your comment a 4/10. Can we not enjoy some frivolity in between camera reviews and education? Accusing the blog of click bait when they're obviously just nerding out is pretty basic, bro.

March 28, 2019 at 11:12AM

Jesse Levin
Lawyer - Film Nerd