MovieMaker Magazine has a story about StudioFest and we wanted to help spread the news about this opportunity. We covered StudioFest ourselves previously and so we are excited to update everyone, keeping you in the loop on this year's submission deadlines. 

Starting on February 20th, you can submit to get your microbudget film made. 

What's unique and cool about StudioFest is that the winners don't just get the check, they get their project produced. 

There are a few key rules: you have to be over 18, and you can't have produced a feature film before. Writers submit a feature script, and directors submit a short they made. 

Check out this trailer for Souvenirs, the debut feature from StudioFest.

Here are the entry fees and deadlines:

○ Early Bird = $35 until April 22nd

○ Regular = $50 until July 8th

○ Late = $65 until August 3rd

Good luck!

Source: MovieMaker Magazine