From its 4K video capabilities and 4-track audio recording to its flip-out color LCD for selfie-style movies and optional app-based remote control, the successor to the Q8 provides multiple upgrades in form and function while maintaining the compactness and convenience of the original.

The Zoom Q8n-4K Handy Video Recorder will fit perfectly into documentary workflows where a small footprint and speed are necessary. Vloggers can rely on the high-quality audio and video from the Zoom Q8n-4K and ditch their smartphones or clunky mirrorless sets up. Tackle anything from event interviews on the red carpet and NAB, to filming at your local skate park. Or take the video recorder to a music festival to cover your favorite band.

Whatever your needs, the Zoom Q8n-4K can handle it. 

Zoom Q8n-4KCredit: B&H

While 4K is in such high demand, many shooters will appreciate the option to record at lower-resolution formats when your priority is on small file sizes. But thanks to the support of microSDXC cards up to 512GB, that should be far less of a concern now than it was with the Q8.

With so many thoughtful upgrades from the Q8, the Q8n-4K is a welcome tool for anyone looking to pair 4K video quality and versatile multitrack audio into a compact form factor. At $399.99, the Zoom Q8n-4K Handy Video Recorder is a great all-in-one budget solution for creatives. 

Want to dig a little deeper in the specs? Check out the full breakdown of this fantastic piece of kit at B&H

Here at No Film School, we're always excited to learn about how you use your gear. Let us know in the comments if the Zoom Q8n-4K Handy Video Recorder will find its way into your gear back and what you plan on using it for!

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Source: B&H