We're now in tier three for Wescott's Slim Jim Cine kit (we're in tier 3) and are closing in FAST on tier three for both the Bi-Color Flex lights(w/X-Bracket Kit), and Ice Light light wand. 

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Product information, specs, and images below:

Wescott Scrim Jim Cine Kit

If you need to shape, diffuse, cut, or bounce light, Wescott's Slim Jim Cine might be right up your alley. The Scrim Jim Cine has a lot of desirable features, including heavy-duty modular construction, positive-locking connectors, quick assembly, and easy portability.


Key Features

  • Complete modular frame kit
  • Ultra-durable design
  • Travel-friendly light control
  • For diffusing, softening, cutting and bouncing light 
  • For use on-set and on-location



Key Features

  • Compact 1-light flexible LED kit with adjustable 2800K to 6000K output
  • Water-resistant IP64 1' x 1' LED mat fits into tight spaces
  • Adjustable color temperature with impressive CRI of up to 97 (TLCI up to 98)
  • Powerful output up to 2200 lux at 1 meter
  • Metal dimmer with intuitive local and WiFi controls with free dedicated mobile app (coming soon)
  • Compatible with 14.4V to 26V V-Mount batteries
  • Cine mat corners are equipped with powerful magnets and grommets for quick hanging
  • Includes X-Bracket mount and 1/4-stop diffuser

Wescott Ice Light 2

When filmmakers think of light wands, the Ice Light is most likely the first product that comes to mind. Aside from the portability, efficiency, and versatility the original is known for, the Ice Light 2 has been bolstered with 50% more output, a better LED chip, higher CRI (96), flicker-free output, and a redesigned handle.



Key Features

  • 1740 lumen output with 96 CRI 
  • 5500K daylight-balanced output 
  • Ultra-portable for handheld use 
  • Weighs under 20 ounces 
  • Removable Li-ion battery 
  • 60+ minute runtime 
  • 18-step dimming from 5% to 100% 
  • Digital output display 
  • Built-in Bluetooth capabilities
  • 1/4"-20 threads for easy mounting