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Do you want to invest in yourself while also helping those in need? Our goal at No Film School has always been to make you a better filmmaker. A better creator. A better storyteller. To educate you by detailing the work of the best filmmakers of our generation while keeping you up to date about the latest storytelling tech tools. 

It’s why we have partnered with the 5DayDeal Foundation, where, over the next five days, you can choose to invest in yourself as a storyteller and help charitable causes along the way. 


What is the 5DayDeal Foundation?

It started in 2014 by photographer Griffin Stewart who wanted to bridge the creative community while lending a charitable hand to different scientific, environmental, and humanitarian causes around the world. The Make-A-Wish Foundation, World Wildlife Foundation, and the Wounded Warrior Project to name a few. Since, they’ve donated over $1.5 million dollars. 

How Can You Help? 

The 5DayDeal Foundation has sought out world-class educators and tools and bundled them together all at a tremendous discount. Over $4,000 worth of resources from industry experts who truly understand the landscape for only $157. When purchased, 10% of the revenue goes directly to making the world a better place to film. This year’s charities include Make-A-Wish, Orbis, and Mercy Ships. Three first class causes. 

We understand spending money is a little tough right now, so the 5DayDeal Foundation has put together three bundles with loads of informative tools that will help you become a better filmmaker

5day_bundleEvery purchase helps out a charitable cause

What’s in Each Bundle? 

The Main bundle has over 15 resources from top educators. Everything from a masterclass in screenwriting and story development, a Final Cut Pro X Masterclass, Shane Hurlbut’s Learn to Light Day Interiors class, a deep dive into post audio and sound design, filmmaker essentials, overlay packs, and more. All for $89.

The Pro Bundle includes everything in the Main bundle, plus an After Affects Super Pack, Premiere Pro Lumetri 2020, music packs, and tutorials on mastering audio, LUT bundles, and other essential tools to make you a better video creator. All for $129.

The Complete bundle is everything and then some. You get an InVideo lifetime plan, a $600 value, a cool motion pack for graphics and text, more filmmaking presets, and an animation builder for Premiere Pro. Plus, the 5DayDeal Foundation has included 5 bonus offerings with Complete. All for only $157


Why this? Why now?  

It’s not often No Film School finds a charitable initiative that makes sense for our readers. Something that we can get behind that will not only improve your abilities as a creator but help those in need. If you’d like to be a difference-maker, check out one of the bundles yourself here