Just six months after rolling out DaVinci Resolve 15 at NAB (read our initial write-up here), Blackmagic has just released another huge update for their online editor, color correction and audio post software with the latest DaVinci Resolve. As you can see in our breakdown below, many of the updates are meant to help streamline workflows and increase in-app productivity as the updates are functional and cosmetic. There are also some pretty cool features added in as well.

Here are some of the highlights for Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 15.2.

Edit Timeline Update

Edit Timeline Update

As you’ll be able to see just off the bat with the new DaVinci Resolve 15.2, the timeline is getting a powerful boost to really rival the aesthetics of Premiere Pro and Final Cut. In general, the edit timeline draws at a higher frame rate for more responsive and precise trimming. Along with new animations to show adjustments for adding, deleting, moving clips.

Keyboard Customization

Keyboard Customization

Another much-requested element is a new keyboard customization visual interface (which you can simply access from the main DaVinci Resolve tab on the top). Not only can you fully customize your keyboard setup, you can also import and export if for matching workstations (or for those who want to closely mirror their Premiere Pro or Final Cut setups).

New Blanking Fill FX Plugin

Blanking Fill FX Plugin

In perhaps one of the most interesting updates included in the new DaVinci Resolve 15.2 is the new “Blanking Fill FX” plugin. When working with different frame rates (like say, a smartphone stubbornly used in portrait), this plugin helps you create a quick and simple customized background to fill out your frame.

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 15.2

Check out Blackmagic’s video above for a more in-depth breakdown of the video editing features included in this latest updated. Here are some of the select improvement highlights listed out below as well. For the full list, you can check out the press release on Blackmagic’s website here.

  • High frame rate timeline refresh with animations.

  • Visual keyboard customization.

  • Support for custom shortcuts in different parts of the UI and contextual menus.

  • Highlight indicators showing active portion of interface.

  • Live save and backup support for new, unsaved projects.

  • Import and export dialog boxes now remember last used location.

  • Keyword dictionary management tool.

  • Duplicate frame detection with visual indicators on clips in the timeline.

  • Clean up timeline feature to remove and flatten unused clips.

  • Simplified timecode entry.

  • Split dual pane media pool option on edit page.

  • Shortcut for editing compound or nested timeline source clips into current timeline.

  • Dynamic zoom automatically turns on when on screen controls are moved.

  • Temporary snapping toggle while dragging.

  • Subframe audio transition editing.

  • Blanking fill ResolveFX plug-in automatically fills frame for clips with different aspect ratio.

  • Match frame for the selected clip in the timeline (for a stack of two clips that intersect the playhead).