At NAB 2023, Fujifilm announced its development roadmap for the Fujinon Duvo series of broadcast zoom lenses for large sensor cameras. While the cine box lens that we covered not too long ago is a hefty beast, the other two zooms will provide a compact solution in a standard and wide-angle focal length.

“With the Duvo series, Fujifilm strives to offer optical performance that produces natural yet high-definition footage,” states the announcement. “At the same time, high zoom magnification and compatibility with existing accessories enable operability in pursuant of broadcast lenses.”

Here's what we discovered at the Fujifilm booth. 

The Duvo Line

The concept being presented is that of “Native Cinematic lenses with Broadcast functionality,” while the announcement describes the origin of the term “Duvo” as coined using two Latin words “Duo” (or Dual) and Vivo (Live).

Together, the term Duvo is meant to convey a “two-faceted nature of cinema and broadcast lens characteristics, with compatibility of two types of mainstream large sensors for cinema cameras.” The basic goal is that Fujifilm will use the best of both worlds to bring a more cinematic look to the forefront of live production and broadcast coverage. 

Fujinon HZK 25-1000mm Box LensFujinon HZK 25-1000mm Box Lens

Both will be labeled as “Duvo Portable” and will support large cinema-grade sensor cameras with Super 35mm and full-frame options when using a 1.5x expander. Fujifilm also says the portable concept enables the expansion of the image circle and the extension of focal lengths to the telephoto side.

The HZK Standard lens is expected to cover a focal length of 24-300mm, while the wider angle HZK Wide has yet to be determined for its focal length, but it is presumed to be wider and more lightweight. The Duvo Portable line will offer a diverse range of filming options from handheld, to being locked down on a mounted tripod, and even special equipment like perhaps a gimbal-mounted option for broadcast quality video, and provide great options for production using cinema-grade cameras.

​As covered earlier, the first Fujinon Broadcast Lens was the HZK 25-1000mm Cine Box Lens. However, beginning in the first half of 2024, Fuji will release an HZK standard lens, followed up by a wider HZK lens in the latter half of the year. 

Fujinon HZK 24-300mmFujinon HZK 24-300mm

The Future of Fujifilm Zooms

Fujifilm has been showcasing the newly revealed HZK Standard lens this week at the 2023 NAB Show. Users will be able to try out box lenses as well as see Fujfilm’s camera-to-cloud functionality through and the Fuji X-H2 and X-H2S mirrorless cameras, which our crew is currently using to cover the show!

The most interesting thing about this find is the unity of two different worlds. Broadcast and cinema have always been separate environments with separate tools. But now, we're seeing a synergy that hasn't yet existed. The folks at Canon said the same thing!

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