A few short months ago FUJINON announced a new box lens, the HZK25-1000mm PL, which sets out to create truly stunning imagery in a box lens format. You can almost picture Owen Wilson as Eli Cash saying, "What most people assume is that box lenses can't create cinematic images, but what this lens presupposes is, maybe they can?"

It's been a few short months later, and we finally have a project shot on the lens that is more than just a live sporting event, a warehouse care spot, or the BTS just dropped going into working with a box lens in a commercial environment.

What We Know About These FUJINON Lenses

The biggest takeaway for me from the footage is how well it cuts between the Premista line of high-end cinema zooms and the HZK, which is something the DP also flagged. That's the key tool that is going to make this useable for cinema creators. If you cut to a shot from a lens and the color, contrast, and quality don't match, the image can throw the audience out of the moment.

Having that great image match between a workhorse like the Premista and the extreme zoom range of the HZK will make this a super useable kit.

What FUJINON 25-1000mm F2.8-5.0 Full-Frame Box Cinema Lens footage looks likeThe skin test on the FUJINON Full-Frame Box Cinema LensCredit: Fujifilm

What do you think of the footage from these lenses? Are you excited to get your hands on the HZK?

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Source: FUJINON Lenses