It's all the rage to binge content these days, but what happens if you're super busy? 

I loved Game of Thrones, it took up the last eight years of my life, and while I want to rewatch, I've dedicated myself to actually getting some articles written for our readers. If I want my fix and to get work done, I need to condense my binge. Lucky for me, a Twitter user and content provider named Andy Kelly created this video compilation of Game of Thrones that just takes one second from each episode. 

You can watch this quick and take a journey down memory lane, without wasting too much time. 

I think the big take away from a video like this is that Game of Thrones knew how to make visual statements. Each episode and arc is perfectly summed up in the one-second clips. We often talk about a completed series as a whole, but looking back I think Thrones was a show built on moments like these. There were entire episodes that were masterful, seasons that blew the doors off storytelling, but the real genius was how the writers made the tiny stuff count again and again. 

For love and for duty. 

What was your favorite part of Game of Thrones?

Let us know in the comments! 

Source: Andy Kelly