November 9, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Filmmaking in One Perfect Comedy Series

Guide to Filmmaking
Up on NoBudge, Alex Kavutskiy’s Guide to Filmmaking is well-found satire for the modern filmmaker.

Everyone wants to be a filmmaker these days. Cameras are more affordable now than ever. Editing workflows more streamlined. Online resources, like No Film School, provide insight into everything from screenwriting to directing to post production for free.

Yet, one filmmaker - Alex Kavutskiy, a L.A. filmmaker and self-proclaimed Channel 101 legend (portrayed by Jon Millstein) - dares to ask: is this a good thing?

Alex Kavutskiy’s Guide to Filmmaking

Featured on NoBudge, Alex Kavutskiy’s Guide to Filmmaking is a six-part comedy series currently up on Channel 101 - a L.A. comedy screening series where audience vote decides which series get to keep going, or get canceled.

Throughout the six episodes (all of which you can watch online here), Kavutskiy takes viewers through a meta-comedy sardonically dressed as a self help guide for filmmakers that explains filmmaking insights like: when to say “action” and “cut”, “what is editing” and how to shoot a film using the backup cam on his dad’s car.

If you’d like a good break in your day, or a refreshing sendup on aspiring filmmakers who take things too seriously, Alex Kavutskiy’s Guide to Filmmaking is a series worth watching. Just be sure to take lots of notes...     

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