The Marvel Infinity Saga is one of the biggest cinematic undertakings of all time. Whatever you think of the movies themselves, the effort to produce 20+ blockbusters that tied together into one finale paid off big time for Marvel/Disney and for better or worse created the template for blockbusters and franchises going forward. 

How this has altered the cinematic landscape is a big question with a lot of answers and "hot takes". What got us thinking about this in the first place?

This video from Max McEvan, which combines ALL the movies in the arc into one 90 second clip. How do you distill all of that down into such a bite-sized piece? 

The Future of Franchises 

While we are currently within a bubble that has to do with sequels and IP, we're in a new time. We used to think about successful movies in terms of trilogies, but now we have to think about spinoffs, franchises, and expanded universes. 

The Marvel effect has already inspired James Bond, Fast and Furious and Harry Potter to build outward. This insulates you as characters get older or actors want to move on, and it always allows you to bring in new, younger, or more popular actors and actresses to keep the titles going. 

Disney is also doing something similar with Star Wars

The expansion of these titles allows you to take your titles from film to TV as well. Look at how The Mandalorian is expanding franchises on the small screen and how Marvel used its Netflix and ABC series to build on the world they already created. 

The fact is, the future of entertainment involves building tentpoles and creating a mansion. In a way, the movies took their cue from television where 'binging' became the motivator. The water cooler conversation has to be ongoing, about the direction of a big storyline, rather than a one-off. 

It's a high stakes game with a crazy high buy-in. 

We really have no idea how indie film will react, it's plausible that the market for smaller movies is ready for a boom. Places like Netflix and even some studios are looking for features they can make, sub 20 million, that have high upside. 

So get ready to pick some genre ideas and deliver.