I love everything Kevin Smith related. I loved when he broke down every Spider-Man movie, I love his tips for young filmmakers, and I love that he's entering in to a highly prolific period of his career. Even if I don't love lots of the movies he's putting out there. Red State was underrated though. 

Recently, Smith announced he would be heading back to the Askew-naverse with Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot. 

While you might not be a fan of all of Smith's movie work, you have to appreciate how open he is with the audience. When he was making Red State, he released a play by play podcast where he described the entire filmmaking process from a script, to screen, to distribution.  

Now, Kevin Smith is doing the same with a video series on YouTube. 

And here's episode two! 

And episode three! 

And episode four!

And episode five!

And episode six!

And episode seven!

And episode eight!

And chapter nine!

And episode ten! 

And eleven!

And twelve!

It's going to be fun and interesting watching Reboot come together. Smith's return to these characters seems perfectly timed for new audiences, and I cannot wait to see what pop culture conversations dominate this iteration. 

Saban Films is planning to release the sequel theatrically and production is currently underway. Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Content Group acquired all foreign rights to the movie. Jordan Monsanto of Smodco is producing alongside Liz Destro for Destro Film.

We'll post each Reboot episode when it comes out and you can follow it across social media with the hashtag #RoadToReboot

What's your favorite Kevin Smith movie? Are you excited for the reboot?

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