A truly polarizing figure in the film world, Danish writer and director Lars von Trier has become one of the most prolific filmmakers of the past several decades for his cinematic works exploring some of the most controversial aspects of art and humanity.

While his filmmaking style has evolved over the years, one Youtuber has found an interesting thread to latch onto and explore throughout his cinematic career: his use of intertitles.

As explained in the intro to Joshua Gaines‘ video essay, his tribute breaks down “the controversial Danish auteur often utilizes atypical font styles for his film titles and chapter headings.”

Unlike other auteurs known for their use of intertitles as a thematic style (looking at you, Wes Anderson), von Trier’s creative use of titles and chapter headings throughout his career becomes more powerful and poignant over the years - especially when viewed in montage.

Here are all of the films featured in the video (feel free to share your thoughts or screengrabs if there are any others to include):

  • The Element of Crime
  • Epidemic
  • Medea
  • Europa
  • Breaking the Waves
  • Dancer in the Dark
  • Dogville
  • Manderlay
  • Melancholia
  • Antichrist
  • Nymphomaniac
  • The House That Jack Built

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