With the release of Mary Poppins Returns fast approaching, Disney and Spotify have teamed up to release some of the Mary Poppins tracks early. 

I am a huge Mary Poppins fan, so this is massively exciting to me. First, let's take a look at Lin-Manuel Miranda rapping with Penguins. 

What did we do to get so lucky?  

While there's not much you can infer about the plot from the songs, I'm already excited to see how this musical fares at the box office. 

Disney hasn't had a hit song since "Let It Go" from Frozen, and I am excited to see if anything in Poppins can even challenge A Star Is Born for the Best Song Academy Award. 



A few of these songs are peppy and lively. The most magical part of the original Poppins is how Julie Andrews seamlessly slipping into song. It made the world feel like anything was possible at any moment, and that's valuable. Especially when you have to sell a whole universe that can slip into cartoons at any moment. 

Right now, the film rests at 77% on Rotten Tomatoes and critics find it generally favorable. 

As I wait to see the movie this weekend, I can't help but sneak a listen to the soundtrack to get even more amped for the release.

In an interview with Terry Gross of NPR, Emily Blunt talked extensively about getting a vocal coach to master Mary Poppins' singing. 

"It's sort of essential actually for me because I have not been trained as a singer and they do give you the sort of confidence and the tools to assist you. I think it was easier for me with Mary Poppins. I mean, Stephen Sondheim, his music requires all of you, it is the deep end of musical theater. But Mary Poppins for me was a more slow burn, tailor-made experience because the songs were written with me in mind, with my abilities in mind, and the songwriters and composers, they really learned my voice and what I could do and what I couldn't do. And so by the time I started singing them on set, I mean, I'd been working with this music for over a year by that point."

What's your favorite original Mary Poppins song? 

How about your favorite on the new soundtrack? 

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