Today, Future Moments announced a new major upgrade to its multi-track recording studio app for iOS with the new MicSwap MultiTrack 2.0.

This smartphone mobile recording app has been a popular tool for all types of content creators, musicians, and even an astute smartphone filmmaker or two, as it allows users to record or import audio directly on separate tracks, choose professional microphones, and even swap between tracks and mix your audio recordings.

However, this new 2.0 venture from Future Moments should be a pretty big game-changer for any content creators looking to collaborate with friends or fellow artists.


The New MicSwap MultiTrack 2.0

With this update, the new MicSwap MultiTrack 2.0 is set to allow content creators to send and share audio projects with colleagues, who are then going to be able to add new tracks and mixes of their own to the original project.

This is big news for any aspiring smartphone filmmakers (as well as podcasters, journalists, or any other type of digital content creators) as it will allow for seamless and easy collaboration on any project (with regards to audio).

Future Moments has also extended the MicSwap MultiTrack app to the Mac OS desktop for further integration for filmmakers' and audio editors' workflows.


Key Features and Price

What’s also cool is that the app will actually be collaborative and usable even without users being required to create special accounts to participate. Anyone in your network can download the app and join in on your project (as long as they have an iPhone, of course).

Here are some of the key specs:

  • Simple track sharing and collaboration via private, secure messaging apps
  • An updated user interface, intuitive simple workflow
  • Thoroughly tested and ready for iOS 15 and all new Apple devices
  • Available at no additional cost on any Mac OS desktop through the App Store
  • Ability to use standalone or with an external mic or interface
  • Record using different microphones for different sounds (20 microphone models included)
  • Swap mics to change the sound of any pre-existing audio
  • Adjust the gain on any microphone
  • Pan or change the volume of each track
  • Add reverb or delay to each track
  • Enable / disable live monitoring
  • AudioCopy enabled
  • Record in Wav or M4a

The MicSwap MultiTrack 2.0 is available for purchase from the App Store and is priced at $19.99 USD. This will get you a perpetual license, along with several flexible subscription options based on what your needs for the app include. 

 You can also download a free trial version here.