In the past few months, Aputure has come out swinging with the Amaran 60 COB fixtures and the LS 1200d. This covers a wide range of use cases and budget options.

Godox isn’t far behind with its SL100 and M600 fixtures. 

But more options offer better competition, right? We tend to agree, so we put together three lights from Nanlite, as well as a solid softbox option to get your lighting kit ready for anything. No matter if you’re shooting a narrative, an interview, or just plain old portraits. 

Illuminate with Nanlite

The Nanlite FS series is a fairly new fixture and comes in three different flavors to help creatives find the perfect balance between production need and budget. They offer the same if not better color accuracy than the Aputure and Godox competitors, but are said to provide even light output with no hotspots, not when you use a softbox.

Nanlite FS Series

On Sale!
  • Color: 5600K, CRI/TLCI: 96/98
  • Dims 0-100%, 11 Special FX
  • Quiet Fan Cooling, 100-240 VAC
  • Bowens Light Modifier Mount
  • Intuitive Monolight Form Factor

If you want to learn more about Nanlite’s FS line, read our breakdown that we released last year. 

Shape Your Light

Nanlites on their own will only get you so far. To really get control of your lighting, things like diffusion, bounce, or negative fill are a must for your arsenal. Here we picked out the Angler Quick-Open Deep Parabolic Softbox to pair with your new lights. The Angler Softboxes come in four different sizes, from 26” to a whopping 60”. The redesigned quick-open mechanism will significantly shorten setup and breakdown time. 

Angler Deep Parabolic Softbox V2

On Sale!
  • For Bowens Mount Flash Heads/Monolights
  • Improved Quick Open & Release Mechanism
  • Highly Reflective Silver Interior
  • Support Rods Snap into Place
  • Lever Release for Speedy Operation
  • Removable Inner and Outer Diffusers
  • Soft Light with Crisp Contrast
  • Optional Fabric Grid

The Angler softboxes are incredibly versatile and for the price, creatives would be remiss to not include them on their shortlist. 

While your lighting kit may grow over time, any of the Nanlites, along with the softbox from Angler, will get you shaping your light and shooting gorgeous footage as soon as you unpack them. 

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