We all know that to be eligible to win an Academy Award, a film has to play theatrically for a number of weeks. That fact always rubbed Netflix the wrong way. When they realized they had to play by the rules to get acknowledged, they began partnering with theaters to show their titles and get them ready for awards season. 

They worked with the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood and the Paris theater in New York. Now Netflix will reopen the Bay Theatre at Palisades Village in Southern California, where they'll debut The Harder They Fall on Oct. 22, followed by a week showcasing films like Mitchells vs. The Machines and Vivo.

They're doing so at a discount, with adult tickets at $12 and child tickets at $10.

Scott Stuber, head of global films at Netflix, said in a statement, “In addition to premieres and theatrical releases of upcoming Netflix films, audiences can look forward to family-oriented film programming, 35mm screenings of beloved classic films, in-person appearances and Q&As, free public events, and much more.” 

These events all sound cool, but there's obviously a showcase mentality behind these theatrical partnerships. According to Variety, to be eligible for the Academy Awards, films must follow the following protocol: 

  1. Films which are intended for theatrical release, but are initially made available through commercial streaming, VOD service, or other broadcast may qualify under these provisions:
    • That the film be made available on the secure Academy Screening Room member site within 60 days of the film’s streaming/VOD release or broadcast
    • That it meets all other eligibility requirements
  2. Films that open in theaters in at least one of the six qualifying U.S. cities, depending on theater availability, may qualify under these provisions:
    • That the film completes a qualifying run of at least seven consecutive days in the same commercial venue, during which period screenings must occur at least three times daily, with at least one screening beginning between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. daily
    • That it meets all other eligibility requirements
    • Six qualifying U.S. cities include: Los Angeles County; City of New York [Five Boroughs]; the Bay Area [counties of San Francisco, Marin, Alameda, San Mateo, and Contra Costa]; Chicago [Cook County, Illinois]; Miami [Miami-Dade County, Florida]; and Atlanta [Fulton County, Georgia].
    • Drive-in theaters are included as a qualifying commercial venue in the above cities (must run for seven consecutive days with at least one screening daily)
    • Academy Screening Room would be optional

As you can see, Netflix's strategic placement of theaters in New York and Los Angeles is definitely going to help them move forward, especially when the pandemic ends and you will probably have to prove your movie was shown theatrically only, but that's a conversation for another day. 

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