Nikon Z7 and Z6 Firmware Update Includes Eye AF and CFexpress

Nikon Z7 Z6 Video Reviews
Let’s look at some newly announced firmware updates coming to the Nikon Z7 and Z6 mirrorless cameras!

Nikon is off to a hot start to CES 2019. To go along with news of RAW video support with ATOMOS (via the ATOMOS Ninja V), we’ve gotten more news about this upcoming firmware update to the Nikon Z-line cameras - the Nikon Z7 and the Nikon Z6

Eye AF Function

Nikon's auto-focus technology is getting a major step-up with its newly revealed Eye AF function. This Eye AF (as its name implies) can automatically find and track your subject’s eyes for hyper-pinpoint critical focus. 

CFexpress Compatibility

Also coming to the Nikon Z7 and Z6 will be new support for CFexpress, which will be compatible with the Z-line XQD memory card form-factor.

RAW Video Support

As mentioned above, you can read the big news about Nikon’s ProRes RAW codec video recording in our full write-up here!     

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Woow this is one of the most exiting news for the beginning of 2019! RAW over HDMI, Yeah baby! and it's seem to be 12 bit 4K RAW full sensor readout direct from the sensor!
Almost every body have thought this impossible, but yes it's finally possible! This is far, but far more important than Canon eventual 8K, because let's be serious a minute, nobody is really thinking that Canon is going in 2019 release a EOR R body that can shoot 8K video from a full frame sensor?!?

Then better talking about thing that was proven working and can change the industry like Canon did with the 5D Mk2 a while ago!

Full Frame RAW available for everybody and this under 4,000 USD (Z6, 2 batteries, 14-30 f/4 lens, Ninja V, Moza Air 2, Pelican case, etc...). Indie filmmaker can save a lot of money with that!

January 11, 2019 at 1:13PM

Laurent Chindeko
Content Creator