If you're a big Rick and Morty fan, you likely know a bit about creator Justin Roiland's background, having made many shorts for LA-based shorts fest Channel 101 (many of which he starred in). 

Just today, Rick and Morty's Facebook page posted this hilarious short very reminiscent of Roiland's earlier work. Just like the shorts he built his brand on, Roiland uses editing, weird comedic beats, a unique sense of humor, and whatever is happening around him in the moment to craft his comedy: 

Before Rick and Morty was a hit on Adult Swim, it was known as "Doc and Mharti" and was something of a reaction and response to Roiland having received cease-and-desist letters over other projects. Like House of Cosbys

Roiland's projects for Channel 101 were always hilarious, and if you love Rick and Morty and Justin's crazy VR episode like the one we shared here, you owe it to yourself to dive into his previous works for Channel 101

Without anyone or anything to censor him or keep him in line, his projects go some hilarious and bizarre places. 

But even more than that, you can see how Justin's imagination (combined with his willingness to create content) is what got him noticed by other creatives and eventually in a position where he could create a show like Rick and Morty

Whatever your strangest ideas are, they just might be worth putting on camera because you never know where it will lead you and, of course, who else will love them. 

Source: Rick and Morty Facebook page