As we covered before, everyone’s favorite camera-attachable VideoMic company has once again outdone themselves with another massive, worldwide short film competition with their My RØDE Reel contest.

However, there’s a new wrinkle this year as RØDE (like apparently the rest of the world) is doubling down on creative digital content creation, AKA... TikTok!

This year RØDE is giving the greater TikTok creator community the chance to win $10,000 (USD) in cash as part of their "Unbox Your Ideas" challenge—a brand-new category for the My RØDE Reel short film competition.

Let’s take a look at this exciting contest and how to enter…

The RØDE Unbox Your Ideas Challenge

So basically, this new Unbox Your Ideas challenge invites anyone to create a short video that showcases their “next great idea” and submit it to TikTok for a chance to win.

"All great ideas need a launchpad. With My RØDE Reel, we have been helping creators kickstart their career through giving away incredible prizes for almost a decade now," said RØDE CEO Damien Wilson. "This year, we wanted to give that same opportunity to creators on today’s most dynamic and exciting creative platform—TikTok. The ‘Unbox Your Ideas’ challenge is an unmissable opportunity for anyone to turn their idea into reality. We can’t wait to see what people pitch us."

Entries can be an idea for anything, such as a film, TV show, song, podcast, dance, video game, art project, or... I don’t know... an 18-part cinematic dissertation breaking down your thoughts on David Lynch’s Twin Peaks: The Return?

(Okay, maybe not the last one...)

A Look at the Rules and Prizes

In short, though, the competition is open! Your idea can be showcased in any way, from a pitch to camera to a full-blown demonstration. 

The entries will be judged on the strength of the idea, the creativity of the video, and how much the judging panel is left wanting to know more.

The prizes for this Unbox Your Ideas TikTok challenge are pretty substantial too, as the grand winner is looking at a cold $10,000 in USD cash plus a prize pack loaded with gear from RØDE and My RØDE Reel sponsors Nanlite, Zhiyun, MZed, Musicbed, Adobe, Pelican, ARRI, DZOFIlm, and Insta360.

There are also 10 runner-up prize packs, which each offer $1,000 USD along with plenty of cool gear from RØDE for contestants.


How to Enter

As mentioned above, the contest is pretty darn open-ended, so submissions can be unique and individual to you. However, to actually enter the competition officially, follow the steps below.

  • Make a TikTok that showcases your next great idea
  • Share it to TikTok with the hashtags #UnboxYourIdeas, #MyRODEReel, and #competition
  • Follow @rodemic

Entries for the My RØDE Reel Unbox Your Ideas TikTok challenge are open now. Just head to to find out more. 

Entries for My RØDE Reel are also open and close at 10 a.m. (AEDT/GMT+11) Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2021.

Start creating!