Scriptation is Hollywood’s go-to app for reading and annotating scripts. It’s used by Oscar-winning DPs (Russell Carpenter, Titanic), Emmy-winning directors (Michel Spiller, Modern Family), and on thousands of productions worldwide, including Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, The Good Place, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Game of Thrones

It's also used by a ton of our readers who want to give and get notes on their work, or communicate with their Directors, writers, DPs, and other jobs on set by marking up their screenplays. 

Now they're launching a new version called Scriptation Team. 

Let's chat about it. 

What is Scriptation Team

All the Industry Pro features can be purchased through Scriptation’s website at a discounted rate. Scriptation Team gives you one license for your entire production and is available to be purchased for 20, 40, or 80 users at a time. 


  • Scriptation Industry Pro is a toolkit of industry-level features developed for film and television professionals. Features include Cloud Syncing across devices, the ability to add facing pages into a script and create script sides, and access to share Scriptation Layer Files (.slf) with other users. Access to these features for an individual user is $60 per year.
  • Scriptation is making the Hollywood-favorite tool available for everyone to use, including indie and smaller productions, at an affordable rate. Scriptation Team offers access to all of the Industry Pro tools for the whole production and is as low as $37 per user per year.
  • Productions can save up to $23 per person, per year, and get all of the Scriptation Industry Pro features for their entire team.
  • Comparatively, it costs roughly $193 per person, per season, in script printing costs.

Why would I use Scriptation Team? 

With Scriptation Team, users can mark up scripts, make sides, share notes with Scriptation Layers, and more. A Scriptation Layer File (.slf) is a copy of your notes, which you can toggle on or off and share with other users to import into their script. Layers allow Scriptation users to organize their annotations, including highlights, photos, and written notes, into separate displays that can also be toggled on and off.

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Instead of managing feedback on multiple PDFs and email threads, script notes can be viewed on a single PDF document, enabling crew to address notes more efficiently and communicate better because they are seeing exactly what the other person marked up. Layers is one of the app’s most popular features. 


Time Savings

  • With enhanced collaboration and the benefit of Industry Pro tools, productions are more efficient in their workflow. 
  • Likewise, Scriptation’s flagship feature, Note Transfer, saves crew members an average of 5 hours of production time per week that would otherwise be used to hand-copy notes from one draft to the next.

The Green Impact

  • A TV show reported using over 1.2 million sheets of paper in just 6 months of production. Scriptation eliminates the need for printing and wasting paper on set, all while being more effective than the analog method of copying notes by hand.  
  • Used by Major Productions: Game of Thrones used Scriptation Team! And it’s now available for everyone.  
  • Coming Soon... Scriptation Team Studio has all the features of Scriptation Team, but with added studio approved-level security, including BOX integration and AES256 Encryption. Scriptation Team Studio is rolling out later this year and is ideal for major studio productions that need to keep their scripts on lockdown.

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Source: Scriptation