In a move that can very assuredly be called “bold” in today’s age of online streaming and subscription app platforms, Sony has unveiled plans in a new ambitious and experimental direction - upgrading the physical movie-going theater experience.

“We’ve got everything your cinema needs, including reliable, cost-effective projection systems and easy-to-use theater management solutions to ensure every show runs smoothly. And that’s not all. We help drive fresh revenues—with Sony 4K Live. Theater, music, sports, opera, and more can be captured and screened to your audiences in Sony 4K in real time or as encore performances.” via Sony.

Launched by their new Sony Digital Cinema division, Sony’s doubling down on a future of 8K+ large-format movie-going theatrical experiences with their new “Premium Large-Format” (PLF) movie theater auditorium.

The Movie Theaters of the Future!

Sony Camera

Yes, before the days of Netflix and the seemingly hundreds of other streaming options (plus new ones popping up almost by the day), Sony Digital Cinema is launching its first PLF auditorium in Las Vegas at the Galaxy Theatre’s deluxe Boulevard Mall set for sometime this Spring (2019).

“We’ve got the 4K projection solution that’s the right fit for your theater—whether you’re a boutique independent or a multiplex with a fleet of Premium Large Format screens. From 32.80 ft screens right up to 75.46 ft and beyond—our high brightness projection solutions deliver the best possible entertainment experience, with industry-beating ownership costs.” - via Sony.

The new PLF theaters will utilize Sony Digital Cinema’s dual laser projection system along with high end theater amenities such as powerful surround sound and luxury reclining seats. The PLF theaters will also include new “smoother” 3D movie experiences.

Interested theaters owners can find out more info here. Interested fans and intrigued filmmakers, you can let us know your thoughts below.