Originally released in 1971, Stanley Kubrick’s dystopian psychological crime classic A Clockwork Orange (based on the book of the same name written by Anthony Burgess in 1962) is set to make a return to theaters for the proper cinematic viewing experience.

Long regarded as one of - in what became a string of critical masterpieces - Kubrick’s greatest films, the British Film Institute has announced an upcoming return to the theaters for the ultra-violent, decline-of-civilization nihilist classic (and just in time, right?) beginning this April.

To commemorate A Clockwork Orange’s new theatrical run, the BFI has put together an updated, and perhaps more chilling, version of the film’s original trailer to appeal to the more modern masses - which you can watch below.

When compared to the original (below) the same flamboyant playfulness comes through, but perhaps a little more avant garde in the original. Which would make sense to tone away from some of the more fantastical ultra-violent elements as A Clockwork Orange had to originally be cut down when first released in the UK (and subsequently initially received an X rating when released in the US).

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