I'm a born and raised Angeleno. I've worked in the entertainment industry my entire adult life, and this year I'm going to Sundance for the first time. 

Come with me! 

In addition to our usual Sundance content, I'll also be posting regularly about my experience covering the festival. I'll try to expand this beyond just complaining about the weather. 

For this inaugural post in the series I'll talk about how we prep some of our coverage, and what my history with film festivals and Sundance is. 

Why I've Never Gone To Sundance

It's not that weird, is it? 

Consider how many filmmakers there are, and working professionals in the industry. Then consider how few movies go to Sundance. Sure the business of Hollywood packs itself into Park City every year for Sundance and Slamdance, but there are a lot more of us, and a lot more movies, who have no occasion to go.

That's not always for lack of trying. 

If you've made an independent movie, or short, you've probably also applied to Sundance. I certainly did. The feature film I co-wrote and produced in 2015 Amigo Undead, felt more like a SXSW type of movie (it's a horror-comedy starring Randall Park and Steve Agee). 

It didn't go there either.

But the feature did play at a number of festivals that I attended. It eventually got distribution with Gravitas. I've worked in Television and Branded Content as well. Going to Sundance isn't a necessary part of a career in filmmaker and entertainment.

Why Go To Sundance?

So why go? Why does Sundance matter? What is Sundance all about when you're on the ground? Aside from miserable weather. 

I'm going to find out for myself first hand, and I'd like you to come with me. 

For filmmakers being at Sundance with their film isn't a realistic outcome, it's frequently a goal. But are there other reasons to attend Sundance? Are there other things you can get out it? 

Can reading up on it with me as I experience it this time help you get some of those things even without having to spend all the money on tickets (and cold weather clothing)? 

I hope so. So check back tomorrow as I give you my early impressions. Continue reading the rest of our coverage as well!

Now I'll see if I can unearth all that long underwear I packed. Seriously how do you cold weather inhabitants live like this!

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