It’s always seemed a bit redundant to me to bring a portable monitor on set when a perfectly capable screen sits dormant in your pocket. 

Of course, I know there’s traditionally been quite a difference between an iPhone screen and a higher-end production monitor both in size and quality, but as iOS devices advance in sophistication and ease of use, it seemed like the product to connect your camera and your phone was simply inevitable. Several brands have already released such tools, with one of them being Accsoon

Now, Accsoon has released another tool to get you connected. The rugged new SeeMo Pro SDI is an update to the HDMI-only wireless video transmitter that was released last year. Is your iPhone Pro now truly a professional tool you can use on set?

Let’s take a look at this new small box SeeMo Pro SDI and explore how you can use it to turn your iPhone into your production monitor on set.

Introducing the SeeMo Pro SDI

Founded back in 2014 by a group of designers and videographers, Accsoon has been one of the pioneer companies behind gyro stabilization in film and video products. However, as their product line has grown, so has their innovation and focus on streamlining production workflows for teams large and small.

Designed off the technology of their original SeeMo HDMI model, this new SeeMo Pro SDI promises to finally be the tethering point for cameras and smartphones, which the industry was certain to land at one day.

A-huge-leap-for-video-creators-1024x558Credit: Accsoon

The SeeMo Pro SDI can accept HD signals up to 1080p 60fps over HD SDI or HDMI from cameras, mixers, or any other wireless receivers. This SDI input can also be looped to allow connection to other downstream devices and is quite power efficient as it runs off Sony NP-F style batteries (or via a pro-grade 2-in DC connector).

Turn Your iPhone Into a Production Monitor

How does this new device actually work on set to turn your iPhone into a fully functional production monitor, you ask?

Well, it all comes from the SEE app (which Accsoon provides free), which can be used to transform any iPhone or iPad into a fully featured production monitor with a complete set of tools such as waveform, magnification, vectorscope, false color, peaking, and even audio level meters.

You can also apply and use your custom LUTs or tinker with image overlays to precisely line up your shots, along with some helpful control options to de-squeeze anamorphic video on-screen or flip video to help with any vlog-style self-shooting setups.

To get started, all you need to do is connect your SDI or HDMI camera to SeeMo Pro to unlock the vast world of iOS connectivity and apps. You can then edit, tag, stream, and even share your video from your SDI camera as easily as if it were shot on your iPhone to start with—which should make sharing clips with clients or partners across the globe as easy as transferring a file on iMessage.

Seemo_pro_featured_imageCredit: Accsoon

Price and Availability

Those are just some of the basic steps and functions for getting started with the SeeMo Pro though. There’s certainly more to be unlocked by fully placing your iPhone at the heart of your production setup and with complete access to its iOS ecosystem.

The Accsoon Pro SDI is set to retail for $350 and should be available here in summer 2023. For more info, visit the Accsoon website

Let us know your thoughts on this new interconnected camera and iPhone functionality and how you might (or might not) plan to use it in your production workflows.