As we’ve covered on the site several times in the past, and most notably with the Accsoon SeeMo Pro, there have been some innovative tools released to help iPad owners turn their trusty Apple devices into working on-set production monitors.

However, with more competition, the results are bound to become better, more inventive, and—hopefully—cheaper in the future too. Which is why we’re excited to check out this new HDMI monitor app introduced by Orion and explore how it can serve as a simple, yet reliable, iPad-to-monitor app for your on-the-run production needs.

Introducing the Orion HDMI Monitor app

While not exclusively designed for video production use, Orion’s HDMI Monitor app is about as simple to use and easy to understand as an app can be. To use this app, all you have to do is connect your iPad via any HDMI device with either a USB-C Capture Card or a dongle.

The app is truthfully meant to serve simply as a larger display for gaming or other similar leisure activities while traveling or on the go. All you really need is an iPad with iOS 17 installed and a USB-C port, and you’re ready to jam.

For gamers, this means that you can of course connect to any HDMI-enabled video game consoles as this tether will let you play enhanced HD games or even enjoy playing older games making use of a CRT emulation.

The Orion HDMI Monitor


An iPad Monitor for Production

However, this new Orion HDMI Monitor app really shines for those looking to utilize it for video production purposes. Known for other popular apps in this space, Lux Optics has a strong history in this video production space and there are indeed some cool features that are more aimed at the video professional.

In particular, it appears that this HDMI Monitor app has been tailored for use as an attachable extra display for any Mac or PC as part of someone’s video editing process. The app can also help turn your iPad into a production monitor, which you can attach to your camera.

As an on-camera monitor (or part of a video village), this app can quickly turn your iPad into your go-to monitor for on-the-run shoots where you might have to get creative with your gear limits and uses. Admittedly, it’s not going to be the highest-end version of one of these tools, but if you’re shooting solo or with a DIY crew, it can be a hugely helpful tool in a pinch.

\u200bTurn your iPad into a monitor

Turn your iPad into a monitor


Price and Availability

The best part about this app, and why we’re recommending it as a solid option worth checking out for anyone interested in turning their iPads into production monitors, is simply because it’s free to download in the Apple app store.

Of course, there is a paid Orion Pro version with some extra features (which, most notably for our video purposes, includes an AI-powered 4K Upscaler and Picture Adjustment tool for video brightness). However, these features only cost a one-time fee of $4.99 if you are interested in them.