One of the common issues content creators may encounter when recording audio is the hard P. It’s what happens when you punch a word that starts with “P” right into the microphone. It creates a loud, jarring noise that’s not very pleasant to hear.

The hard P, along with lip smacks, mouth clicks, or saliva crackles can make an audio editor’s life miserable. But the geniuses at Accusonus have managed to create a new audio plugin that can remove these mouth tics without having to re-record your audio or waste time trying to fix it.

“With Mouth De-Clicker, these are things of the past,” Accusonus said in a statement. “A once laborious task, now transformed into a speedy step on the path to better content quality.”

The plugin is called Mouth De-Clicker, and it’s part of the latest ERA 5.2 update by Accusonus. With a touch of a button, Mouth De-Clicker scans your audio track, analyzing it for unwanted mouth noises. De-Clicker identifies and highlights all unwanted mouth noises for easy removal. Adjusting a single digital knob will remove them. The result is a clean audio track with no bad mouth noises.

The update also includes improved compatibility with Final Cut Pro on macOS Big Sur and updated Audio Cleanup Assistant presets, which promise to streamline the audio workflow. The new presets include Basic Voice Repair, Clear Home Podcast, Voice Leveler, Mouth De-Clicker, and Voice-over Cleanup. There are also updates to the ERA 5 Voice Deepener, Noise Remover, AutoEQ, and Reverb Remover. Additionally, if you have an audio track that’s clipping from recording at too loud a volume, ERA’s De-Clipper has you covered.

The ERA 5.2 update is available for both Standard and Pro Bundles of the ERA Bundle and can be downloaded at